It's a Pawty!

30 minutes

$75 for one dog

You pick one paper color from below and bring a cake, cupcakes, donuts, cookies - whatever you would like in the photos (as long as it's dog-friendly, we don't want your furbaby getting sick : )  The Bluegrass Barkery and Southern Barker are great places to get doggie-safe cakes and treats!

I have various birthday hats, bandanas, candles, cake stands and numbers (or you can bring your own!) Your pup will also receive a little gift for their birthday!

Images are downloadable from your password protected gallery.  Photos can take up to 2 weeks  (usually they are done much sooner, but it varies based on my schedule, so please plan on at least 2 weeks).   

If you would like more than one backdrop and/or a longer time, a full session would need to be booked.  

* Just a side note :)   Mylar Balloons (the shiny solid colored letters, numbers, etc) will reflect everything in the studio and will basically be a mirror   :)   Also numbers and letters will spin around and they are hard to get in position to show what letter/number they actually are!  

Paper Colors !

* Large sizes are best for Medium/Large furbabies to give them more space!  

Ones not marked with *Large are best used for smaller furbabies (of course the large sizes can be used for any size furbaby : )

Don't want to get balloons ready or pick them up to bring with you?

I can have balloons ready for you   !  :)

$25 extra (approximately 30-40 balloons).  Just let me know the colors you'd like!

Some pretty examples below 

Green & Purple Metallic with White Matte Balloons

Green & Pink Metallic with White Matte Balloons

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