It's a Pawty!

Approximately 30 minutes

$105 (for 1 pet)
$115 (for 2 pets)
$185 (1 hour up to 2 pets)

You pick one paper color from below and bring a cake, cupcakes, donuts, cookies, peanut butter - whatever you would like in the photos (as long as it's dog-friendly, we don't want your furbaby getting sick : )  

I have various birthday hats, bandanas, candles, cake stands and numbers (or you can bring your own!) Your pup will also receive a little gift for their birthday!

Images are downloadable from your password protected gallery. 

Photos can take up to 2 weeks  (usually they are done much sooner, but it varies based on my schedule, so please plan on at least 2 weeks).  During the months of November/December, photos will take longer than 2 weeks due to Christmas mini sessions


You can order prints directly from your gallery, or you can download and print wherever you like with your print release ! 

**Please note - if you are not ordering prints directly from your gallery with the professional lab attached to my web page, the colors of your photos may not be identical to what you see in your gallery.  Your photos are soft-proofed via a specific ICC profile on my computer that my lab uses.  This is why most photographers prefer you order directly with them to ensure quality and colors are accurate.**

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

New (large)! Dancing Daisies! This drop looks better without balloons :)

Untitled photo

Don't want to get balloons ready or pick them up to bring with you?

I can have balloons ready for your session   !  :)

Just let me know the colors you'd like!   The balloon walls can take up to 2+ hours to build (depending on size).  These will be done the day before your shoot :). 

Balloon Walls:

* $30 extra - Small balloon wall bundle  (approximately 40 balloons) 

* $35 extra - Medium balloon wall bundle (approximately 60 balloons)

* $40 extra - Large balloon wall bundle (approximately 80 balloons)

* $45 extra - X-large balloon wall bundle (approximately 100 balloons)

Balloon Banner:

Hangs up like a banner - great for pets that are afraid of balloons.  Can add florals to it to dress it up also :)

* $20 extra  (approximately 25-30 balloons)

(If you would just like a few loose balloons on the floor let me know!  There is no charge for that  - colors may vary depending on what I have in stock    :)

Some pretty examples below! 

Green/Warm Pink Metallic & White Matte Balloons (Small)

Untitled photo

Green/Purple Metallic & White Matte Balloons (Small)

Untitled photo

Warm Pink/Silver Metallic with Light Pink/White Matte Balloons (Large)

Untitled photo

Turquoise/Warm Pink/Purple Metallic with Light Pink and White Matte Balloons (Large)

Untitled photo

Silver/Warm Pink Metallic with White Matte Balloons (Large)

Untitled photo

Silver, Gold, Dark Blue Metallic with Light Blue Balloons (X-Large)

Untitled photo

Dark/Light Pink and White Balloons (Large)

Untitled photo

Pastel Colors Balloons (Medium)

Untitled photo

Banner - Rose Gold Confetti with Solid Light Pink

Untitled photo

Small wall off ground - Green, Gold, White & Confetti Balloons

Untitled photo

Small wall off ground - Blue, White, Silver With Silver Conffetti Balloons

Untitled photo

Dancing Daisies (with little daisies or without)

Untitled photo

Cake stands & bandanas available for use :)

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
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