Golden Road

End of Life Sessions

Our furbabies are family and after they leave us, all we have are memories and photos. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things a dog lover can go through. I currently offer Golden Road Sessions (in memory of my Golden Retriever Lacey) for terminally ill dogs or dogs that are at the end of their life with age. The session is the same rate as a regular studio or outdoor session, and includes a free gift: an additional 30 minutes of session time to give your furbaby extra time so they are not rushed.

I personally went through this in January 2018 with my beautiful Golden Retriever Lacey. I didn't have any warnings though, no one gave me a time left notice and no one saw any symptoms that she was ill. I had her birthday session as she turned 8 years old and within a few weeks after that, with no symptoms at all, she collapsed and died while being diagnosed at the vet's office. She had suffered and died from canine splenic Hemangiosarcoma, a silent killer that takes a life quickly. Sometimes you get a warning and you know how much time you have left with your furbaby, and sometimes it's all taken away from you in a blink of an eye. Either way, your heart will never be the same. I'd give anything to have my Lacey back, but I do cherish all the photos I have of her. Even now I still have Lacey meltdowns, she was my baby. Her birthday session was a wonderful memory for me, watching her eat her little doggie cake and playing around in the studio, getting icing all over her fur and me while she played. I'm so glad I had a session with her and had updated photos I could print and hold on to. Don't wait until it's the end to get those photos - because sometimes you don't get that chance.


You can order prints directly from your gallery, or you can download and print wherever you like with your print release ! 

**Please note - if you are not ordering prints directly from your gallery with the professional lab attached to my web page, the colors of your photos may not be identical to what you see in your gallery.  Your photos are soft-proofed via a specific ICC profile on my computer that my lab uses.  This is why most photographers prefer you order directly with them to ensure quality and colors are accurate.**

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