Studio & Outside Sessions

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Before Your Studio Visit feel free to review pictures on the website, Instagram and Facebook pages to have an idea of what types of pictures/backdrops you would like to have (a one hour session can choose 1 backdrop and  a 90 minute session can choose 2 backdrops).  You are welcome to bring props (pet’s favorite toys, blanket, clothing, hair bows, bow ties, hats or anything really!) for the pictures.  I have props available, if you see something in a photo you'd like in your session please email me and I can let you know if it's my prop!  Accidents are ok, my home is dog-friendly!

A Few Tips:

I will have treats on hand, but if your furbaby is picky, you may want to bring their favorite treats!  Nothing is more sad than a pup not enjoying treats  ;)

Humans can be in a few photos with their furbaby in a session.  The session focus is mainly on the pets though  : )

Please no shock collars or prong collars!  It breaks my heart to see these used  :(   

Please bring a long thin leash if you have one. We have to abide by the leash laws for outdoor sessions, and long thin leashes paired with neck collars allow me to edit them out later. The thinner and longer, the better. The length will allow you to still be close to your furbaby, but easily out of the frame when needed. The leash can also be used in the studio sessions if your pup wants you close to them.  

If you are going to be in a few photos with your furbaby, it's best to choose solid neutral colors (no bright colors or busy patterns). Black will show every detail (fur, fuzz, etc.) also. Grays, creams, browns and pastels tend to work best. If you are doing studio photos, it will depend on what type of backdrops you want. We can always discuss and get things coordinated before your session :)

You will be helping handle your furbaby during your session, we'll all be covered in dog hair and slobber - but it's a fun time! : )   If you feel you need help with handling your pet, an assistant can be hired for $50 extra (for an hour session).

Please Note  the Following for all Sessions!

Pets must be up to date on their rabies vaccination (any session) and have had a flea/tick treatment within the last 30 days (if in the studio).

Pets must not be aggressive. If a pet shows aggression, they will need to be put on a leash for the shoot. If the aggression continues, the shoot will have to end at that time with payment in full. (for safety reasons).

Pets should not have a contagious sickness/disease

No photographs or video can be taken during your shoot other than by photographer

CR2 (RAW) images are not available for purchase - only edited photos are given

A contract and a nonrefundable deposit are required to hold your date. Final payment (minus the deposit) is due the day of the shoot.

Gift Certificates are available and can be mailed to you! Gift Certificates are non-refundable and are good for 6 months.

You will receive your photos in about 2 weeks (usually they are done sooner, but please plan on at least 2 weeks).

You will receive a password and link to your gallery to download all your edited photos!  Photos will be kept online for 3 months, so please make sure to download your photos and back them up to a safe place.  A flash drive of your photos can be purchased for $25.   


You can order prints directly from your gallery, or you can download and print wherever you like with your print release ! 

**Please note - if you are not ordering prints directly from your gallery with the professional lab attached to my web page, the colors of your photos may not be identical to what you see in your gallery.  Your photos are soft-proofed via a specific ICC profile on my computer that my lab uses.  This is why most photographers prefer you order directly with them to ensure quality and colors are accurate.**

Pet Photography Rates

Studio Session – Starting at $165

Outdoor Session - Starting at $180

Travel outside of Lexington - Mileage will be added to the session price (which is calculated based on the address). 

***For inside studio at your home, there is an additional charge of $50 to bring the backdrops/lighting, setting up, etc.  There should be a large open area available to allow for setup also (presently due to COVID-19 in-home sessions are not available)

*My studio is located on the 2nd floor.  For sick/older furbabies that are not able to handle stairs or cannot be carried up stairs, I can set up an area on the first floor upon request (please note, only smaller backdrops can be set up on the 1st floor with a one-light set up).   

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