Puppy Packages

Watch me Grow Package

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$185 - Watch your furbaby grow! Seeing the age/size progression of your precious furbaby is just amazing to see after one year!      

Watch me Grow Photos are taken once a month close to the same date every month starting at 8 or 12 weeks old up to 1 year old.  These are 15 minute sessions and are are done on a white backdrop.  You will receive individual photos taken each month and also a final collage of them all together.   Can be done with no text on it or different text also.  The above is just an example. 

Newborn Package (6-9 weeks old)

$240 - This session is around 90+ minutes with various puppy props that we are able to make work with the puppy. Props can include the ice cream cone, sleeping in a little bed (white or brown), river raft, love bowl, large books with glasses, little red wagon, hot air balloon (this has various colored balloons to pick from), white chair, white footstool with teddy bear, brown faux leather footstool, white fluffy footstool, flower pot with flowers, and the rubber ducky/bathtub!  It all depends on how long the puppy can last and what props they are ok with (and props you want and don't want).  You are welcome to bring any props  you would like to use also.   The younger the better for this package so they can fit in the puppy props (6-9 weeks old). 

There are several backdrop changes during the session so we can use those breaks as potty breaks :)  (The first photos will be with the rubber ducky/bathtub as this is a one-hour set up, so this saves time.  The other backdrops only take 10 minutes or so).

Printing You can order prints directly from your gallery, or you can download and print wherever you like with your print release! **Please note - if you are not ordering prints directly from your gallery with the professional lab attached to my web page, the colors of your photos may not be identical to what you see in your gallery. Your photos are soft-proofed via a specific ICC profile on my computer that my lab uses. This is why most photographers prefer you order directly with them to ensure quality and colors are accurate.**

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